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Health Trainer Support

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Health trainers for men who have sex with men

For over 10 years, West London Gay Men’s Project (WLGMP) has been working with gay and bisexual men and Men who have Sex with Men (MSM) in lots of different places, including pubs, clubs, saunas, cruising grounds, health clinics and community groups.

We have a lot of experience in working with men ‘where they’re at’ and helping them with their sexual health needs.

WLGMP Health Trainers are men from the community who have life experience as well as professional training. They offer a confidential, non-judgmental service to gay and bisexual men and MSM who live, work or socialise in West London.

What we can do for you

Take a life check!

Health trainers offer you a chance to chat to someone confidentially about sex, relationships and health issues. You can talk about improving communication, building your confidence in asking for the sex that you want, and reducing the risk of getting or passing on sexually transmitted infections including HIV.

Good sex is about feeling good!

Health trainers can explore other issues that may affect your sex life. This includes relationships, communication, self esteem and self-image, emotion wellbeing, and drug and alcohol use.

Is there something that you would like to change?

Health trainers will listen to you and support you to build realistic goals and work towards them. They also have contact with a wide range of services that might be able to provide extra help.

Health trainers can contact you by phone, email or face to face. You can either meet a health trainer for one-off meeting or a series of meetings. After your first meeting, your health trainer can stay in contact to see how things are progressing and offer more help if needed.

Getting in touch

Out and about

We work in venues all over west London and beyond, providing sexual health information and advice as well as 24s condoms and lube.

To find out when we’re coming to a venue near you, visit our Where to get your 24s webpage.

Internet Outreach

The aim of the Internet Outreach project is to provide guys who live or socialise in west London with clear, accurate and credible information about sexual health and HIV, in order to improve access to services and increase their knowledge and skills. We are available for live chat on Friday evenings, and can be messaged through our profiles at other times. (Live chat in UK London – West Cruising Chatroom)

We are really grateful to all of the websites who are supporting us in this work.


This March, we are available for live chat  on 7 March and 28 March 6pm-8pm. Please feel free to leave a message at any time



You can now also chat to us via Skype – westlondon.gmp. Please add us to your contacts.


Outreach Coordinator –

Asian Men’s Worker –

Black Men’s Worker –

Positive Men’s Worker –

Trans* Communities Worker –

To learn more about our staff team, visit our about the team webpage.

Phone (Mon – Fri 9.30am-5.30pm)

0800 587 8302 (free from landlines) or local rate: 020 3322 6920

Check out our short film about health trainers on our YouTube channel – westlondon gmp.