Report an Incident
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The following questions will take you through the process of reporting a homophobic or domestic violence incident. All information collected will be treated in the strictest confidence and the report remains completely anonymous, unless you wish us to contact you for further help/advice or to pass your report on to the Police for further investigation.


About the Incident
Please use this section to give us details about the incident.

Reporting The Incident
Please let us know if you have reported this incident elsewhere or would like help in taking this report further.

Contact Details
Please add your contact details here if you have indicated above that you would like further help and advice or you would like the police to be aware of this report. You are not required to fill in any details here, but the more information you provide will help us get back in touch with you. Any personal details provided will be held in the strictest confidence!

A Few More Details
Thank you for completing the report. We now require some basic information about you for monitoring purposes (These details in the report remains completely anonymous).


Further Action
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