Homophobic Crime
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You can report an incident by filling out our online form or a paper version of it (the PDF form below) or contacting your local police station.

Incident reporting form (PDF 7.3KB)

You can e-mail us at reportit@westlondongmp.org.uk with as much information about an incident as you are willing to provide.

Making your report

It is entirely up to you how much personal information you want to give about yourself and whether or not you want to take the matter further.

Even if you choose for the police not to pursue the incident, reporting the incident will still build up a picture of the extent of local homophobic crime and help to provide better support services.

Our aim is to create a safer community and underline that homophobic crime is taken very seriously by the police and will not be ignored.

If you don’t include your personal details then the incident will be used for monitoring purposes only. This means that no action will be taken to investigate the incident. If you do include your details then the incident can be investigated and followed up and you can get the support you need.

In an emergency always call 999



You can call your local Police Community safety Unit (CSU) to report any hate crime incident:

  • Ealing 020 8246 9617
  • Hammersmith 020 8246 2436
  • Hounslow 020 8577 1212
  • Hillingdon 020 8246 1766
  • Harrow 020 8733 3462
  • Brent 020 8733 3737 or 3736
  • Kensington & Chelsea 020 8246 0246
  • Westminster 020 7321 3969

Alternatively, you can call WLGMP or Crime Stoppers and report the incident anonymously, without leaving your name or contact details:

  • WLGMP: 0800 587 8302 / 020 3322 6920
  • Crime Stoppers: 0800 555 111